Library 圖書資訊館

Library Holdings

The Library and Information Center (圖書資訊館) of DDBC is a research library specializing in Buddhist studies. Our library houses over 70,000 volumes and is subscribed to more than 550 periodicals, making it one of the largest Buddhist Studies collections in East Asia.

The Library and Information Center holds one of the world’s largest collections of canonical editions. More than 70 editions of the Buddhist Canon in various scripts and languages have been stored, including Chinese, Tibetan, Manchu, Sanskrit, Pāli, Japanese, English, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Laotian and Dai, amongst others. We have an extensive collection of precious palm-leaf manuscripts from Burma, and acquired  in 2008 a large microfiche collection of Tibetan texts, including the Library of Congress PL480 collection and various Kanjur and Tanjur editions. We provide access to all digital editions of the Buddhist Canon such as CBETA, TBRC, ACIP, CSCD, etc. In addition to these Buddhist Studies tools, we provide the electronic version of the Siku Quanshu, BAS bibliography databases, e-Journal databases such as JSTOR and ProQuest Religion and other services.

The Digital Archives Section of the library produces distributable, documented datasets on Buddhist culture for academic use. It works on a variety of projects funded by outside grants and collaborates internationally with scholars on digitization projects.


Building Layout

The Library building has five floors with a total area of 2,785m. Floors two to four house our collection and are open to the public. The reference section, the Special Collection Room and the canonical editions are located on the second floor. On the third floor readers can access books on Buddhist studies, periodicals, and newspapers. Books not directly related to Buddhist Studies, the multimedia collection and our AV equipment are found on the fourth floor. The first floor houses the Cataloging and Acquisition Section. The Digital Archive Section and the Information Technology Section are located on the fifth floor.