Faculty 師資介紹

Listed below are the department’s full-time professors, as well as a brief overview of their current projects, research interests and areas of expertise. In addition to the department’s eleven full-time lay and monastic professors (專任教授), three honorary professors (名譽教授) and 1 assistant researcher (助理研究員), a number of adjunct professors (兼任教授) are also responsible for some of the department’s courses.

Huimin Bhikshu, President (惠敏校長)


Doctor of Letters, University of Tōkyō (東京大学)

  • Yogācāra (唯識學)
  • Buddhist Psychology
  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Sanskrit

Guohuei Shih (釋果暉)


Doctor of Letters, Risshō University (立正大學)

  • Chan Scritures (漢譯禪經)
  • An Shigao (安世高)
  • Buddhist Monastic discipline (戒律學)

Bensheng Liao (廖本聖)


MA in Chemistry, Tamkang University, Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies

  • Tibetan Language
  • Tibetan Buddhist Classics
  • Translation Theory

Kuopin Chuang (莊國彬)


Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies, Bristol University

  • Sarvāstivāda Buddhist Scholasticism
  • Pāḷi Language
  • Early Buddhism

Tzung-kuen Wen (溫宗堃)


Ph.D. In Studies in Religion, University of Queensland

  • Early Buddhism
  • Pāḷi Buddhism
  • Theory and Applications of Mindfulness Meditation

Polang Tsai (蔡伯郎)


Ph.D. in Philosophy, Chinese Culture University (中國文化大學)

  • vijñaptimātra
  • Sarvāstivāda Buddhist Scholasticism

Guojing Shih (釋果鏡)


Doctor of Letter, Bukkyō University (佛教大学)

  • Buddhist Meditation
  • Pure Land Buddhism
  • Buddhist Monastic Discipline
  • History of Chinese Buddhism

Jenjou Hung (洪振洲)


Ph.D. in Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (台灣科技大學)

  • Database,
  • Digital Archives
  • Programming Languages
  • Systems Engineering

Jienhong Shih (釋見弘)


Doctor of Letters, Kyūshū University (九州大学)

  • Philosophy of Indian Mādhyamika
  • Sanskrit
  • Tibetan
  • Japanese

Weijen Teng (鄧偉仁)


Ph.D. in Religious Studies, Harvard University

  • Intellectual History of Chinese Buddhism
  • Buddhist Theory of Meditation and Mind
  • Theory and Method in Religious Studies
  • Sanskrit

Ching Hsuan Mei (梅靜軒)


Ph.D. in Tibetology, University of Bonn

  • Classical Tibetan
  • History of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Tibetan Tantric Studies

Yu-Chun Wang (王昱鈞)


Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學)

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Digital Humanities