Tuition & Fees 學雜費

As part of the founder‘s wish to allow access to the study of Buddhism irrespective of one’s financial circumstances, tuition fees are waived for both monastic and lay students. Additionally, miscellaneous and lodging expenses are also waived for monastic students. On-campus job opportunities are available for both international and local students.

Approximate cost for one semester (2013-2014):

Tuition: 36,000 NTD (1,208 USD)

Tuition remittance: 36,000 NTD (1,208 USD)

Tuition paid: 0

Miscellaneous (includes food): 7,000 NTD (235 USD)

Internet fee: 1,000 NTD (34 USD)

Life insurance: 6,320 NTD (212 USD)

Lodging: 7,500 NTD (252 USD)

Total: 21,820 NTD (733 USD)