Readings 好書介紹

In order to prepare for their first year of classes, new students lacking in prior knowledge of Buddhist thought can draw on the following list of books to gain some familiarity with these topics:

General Introductions

  • The Foundation of Buddhism, 1998 (Rupert Gethin)
  • What the Buddha Taught, 1959 (Walpola Rahula)
  • Buddhist Thought A Complete Introduction to the Indian Tradition, 2000 (Paul Williams)
  • Mahayana Buddhism The Doctrinal Foundations, 1989 (Paul Williams)
  • 佛法概論,1949(印順法師)

Chinese Buddhism

  • The Buddhist conquest of China: the spread and adaptation of Buddhism in early medieval China, 1972 (Zürcher, Erik)
  • Studies in Chinese Buddhism, 1990 (Wright, Arthur).
  • Buddhism in China, 1964 (Ch’en, Kenneth)
  • The Northern School and the formation of early Ch’an Buddhism, 1986 (McRae, J. R.)

Pali Canon / Early Buddhism

  • Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization, 2003 (Bhikkhu Analayo)
  • From Craving to Liberation – Excursions into the Thought-world of the Pāli Discourses, 2009/2010 (part I, part II) (Bhikkhu Analayo)
  • Buddhavacana, a Pali Reader, 2010 (Glenn Wallis)
  • In the Buddha’s Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon, 2005 (Bhikkhu Bodhi)